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B'nai Elim Poll

Every year in the past Bnai Elim was organizing an annual commemoration for our spiritual leader, Rabbi Meir Kahane, zt”l vHy”d. However, lately less and less people are showing interest in attending the annual commemoration. A lot of people discourage us from making it telling us it may look bad having too few people. So we decided to conduct a poll to see whether we should make an annual commemoration in NYC for Rabbi Kahane or not.


Too Many of the People Too Much of the Time

By Michael Devolin

James Thurber once wrote that “You can fool too many of the people too much of the time.” This is the essence of propaganda. This has always been the contrivance used by Israel’s enemies to turn the entire world against the Jewish people. These enemies have also found this tactical maneuver to be very useful for the purposes of exterminating the Jews. The Nazis adopted it, as did the Church Fathers and the Prophet Mohammed long before Mein Kampf was drained from the vile abscesses of Hitler’s poisoned brain. Propaganda is more palpable to Israel’s enemies than is the truth. This reality is a no-brainer for those who’ve been exposing this insidious agitprop for any length of time.

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Rabbi Meir Kahane

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