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Too Many of the People Too Much of the Time

Written by Michael Devolin

James Thurber once wrote that “You can fool too many of the people too much of the time.” This is the essence of propaganda. This has always been the contrivance used by Israel’s enemies to turn the entire world against the Jewish people. These enemies have also found this tactical maneuver to be very useful for the purposes of exterminating the Jews. The Nazis adopted it, as did the Church Fathers and the Prophet Mohammed long before Mein Kampf was drained from the vile abscesses of Hitler’s poisoned brain. Propaganda is more palpable to Israel’s enemies than is the truth. This reality is a no-brainer for those who’ve been exposing this insidious agitprop for any length of time.
 Before their enemies actually attempt to annihilate them, the Jewish people—in the present tense, the State of Israel—have always been engaged in a war of words with their accusers. Augustine, to use only one example of Christianity’s many early slanders against the Jews, wrote “the true image of the Hebrew is Judas Iscariot, who sells the Lord for silver. The Jew can never understand the Scriptures and forever will bear the guilt for the death of Jesus.” This man is regarded as a saint and the “father of psychoanalysis” by many Christians.
And time does not permit me to summarize here Islam’s many derogations of Judaism and Jews, from the time of the Prophet until this very day, save to mention that, unlike the multitude of modern Christians who are now ashamed of their anti-Jewish predecessors, the Muslims, especially the Arab Muslims, are comfortable (their silence does not indicate otherwise) with perpetuating Islam’s ancient traditions of anti-Jewish hatred. One has only to sample the yellow journalism emanating from any Islamic country in the Middle East to verify this fact. This is a people whose religion and clergy facilitate for them the most panoptic of lies, so long as those lies are directed against the Jews and the State of Israel.

Everyone has heard the saying, “Just keep in mind where it’s coming from.” Those fighting against anti-Jewish hatred should focus attention on the legacy and traits of those who promise the world peace with Israel’s Jews while simultaneously and secretly promise amongst themselves the eradication of every vestige of a Jewish presence in the Middle East. Their treachery is proverbial. Efforts are being wasted at this point in time on debating the subject of Israel’s right to exist—a valid and historical right that will never be accepted by her Muslim enemies anyway. As Martin Peretz writes, “The Arab world, especially at this point, offers no encouragement for Israel to take risks for peace…I don’t think one can reasonably expect the Arab countries and the Palestinians to be either responsive to fresh initiatives or trustworthy on the old ones.”
I believe Israel is on the verge of being destroyed by enemies more focused on her destruction than are Israel’s friends focused on her survival: time to drop the meaningless discussions about impotent political tripe and, instead, focus our attention also on the uniqueness of the Jewish people—virtuous peculiarities that have not only distinguished them from all other peoples but have also deftly aided them in surviving their brutal enemies; time to concentrate on the necessity of ensuring a Jewish presence in this world, without which, as I believe, the non-Jewish peoples of the earth would descend into a darkness of cruelty and outright anarchy.

Prof. Mearsheimer blandly contends that “Israel is a normal country” and that “it is no different than the United States” in the sense that it pursues “smart policies and ill-advised ones.” Israel is not a normal country, no matter its policies. Israel exists as Jewish homeland (a historicalness Prof. Mearsheimer seems embarrassed by) and therefore, in this regard, will remain forever a world away and different from the United States. Israel became a sovereign state a second time in the dispelling shadow of the Nazi Holocaust (another fact of Jewish history Prof. Mearsheimer seems embarrassed by), against all odds and against the wishes of the Arab Muslims, who began their “occupation” of the first sovereign Israel centuries earlier.

A Jewish friend recently reproved me for confessing to him that I reckoned that his G-D watches over my family because of my friendships with him and his Jewish colleagues. Only afterward did I realize that he was wrong and I was right (a rare occurrence between me and my Jewish friends): Jews remain to this day the proof and exuberance of the G-D of Israel, the creator of the universe—not the Catholics with their Hitler Youth Pope or the Muslims with their Taliban and Palestinian terror machine.

Count the Nobel Peace prizes. The Jews cannot be imitated. They are the salt of the earth and the only people of absolutes worth human adherence. The Jew can stand up and boast of goodness beyond comparison. Enough of apologizing to the world for surviving pogroms and genocide: it’s time for the Jews to stop giving any audience whatsoever to their enemies—enemies who enviously refuse to recognize the salubrious efficacy off all things Jewish simply because such public recognition would invalidate the false claims of invented religions whose primary purpose, from their beginnings until today, is to vilify all things Jewish. A fool is known by a multitude of words.
 Our first duty to the Jewish people and the State of Israel is to convince “too many of the people too much of the time” of the truths that have survived for millennia within the hearts of the Jewish people—just as their enemies are doing with those lies that were dead, or already dying, on the day they were invented.

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